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About Us

Carney Fabricating is your source for innovative solutions through custom design, engineering, and manufacturing of industrial material handling products.

About Carney Fabricating

Carney Fabricating manufactures standard and custom material handling products of all types, including transfer systems, forklift attachments, overhead lifting solutions, and ergonomic equipment, or a combination of such.

We offer our customers added value, from initial consultation and design, to post-installation support, training and service. Our state-of-the-art product offerings are backed by experienced engineering and manufacturing teams with over 35 years of industry expertise.

Carney Fabricating strives to exceed our customers expectations in safety, quality and innovation through our commitment to continued research and development in new technologies and automation.

Our products and solutions cater to various industries such as steel, automotive, aerospace, warehousing, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, lumber, and specialty markets across the world.

Leveraging Advantaged Capabilities in Innovation, Safety and Manufacturing


Pioneering Industry Innovation

We’re renowned for developing high-quality custom or hybrid solutions for unique and specific sites and operational requirements, so there are no projects out of reach for Carney Fabricating.


Committed to Safety

Carney Fabricating strives to balance the concerns of workplace safety with the productivity and risk management needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide an injury-free, highly productive work environment, backed by the highest quality materials in the industry.

Our equipment is vigorously tested for real-world conditions to ensure its readiness to meet the demands of your environment, which enables us to continuously improve the safety of our products.


Proven Quality

Our manufacturing facility employs state-of-the art processes and technologies to ensure the quality and efficiency of your material handling equipment. From conception, engineering, testing and final execution, our products are built with our customers in mind.


Completed Projects and Counting

“Carney Fabricating has been our go-to source for all of our workstation bridge cranes and gantry cranes across our facilities in the US. They’ve truly streamlined our manufacturing process with safe, automated and easy-to-use equipment.”

Snr. Manufacturing Manager 

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