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Storage Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Carney Fabricating Ltd. provides proven Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems that manage inventory and increase operational throughput. 

Our automated storage systems are outfitted with dedicated safety controllers, self-monitoring to detect key component failures, dual-channel safety devices, and options to add additional laser scanners.

Proven to meet and/or exceed all of the toughest AGV standards in the industry our systems include comprehensive self-diagnostic and logging capabilities to reduce downtime through servicing and unscheduled maintenance.

Manufactured entirely in-house, our automated storage and retrieval systems optimize your operation by providing quick access to stored items and increasing market competition by providing more space for inventory. These systems have a small warehouse footprint and can be designed to fit perfectly in any environment. 

Limitless ASRS accommodate stamping dies, industrial paper products or other large heavy goods.

Highlighted Features

Inventory Management

Get competitive! Manage more inventory in the same space.

Operational Up-Time

Detailed self-diagnostics and logging functions significantly decrease downtime.

Flexible & Compact

Flexible, this system provides opportunities for future expansion.

Detailed Specs

  • Reduces asset damage
  • Compact design reduces the floor space required
  • Maximizes inventory with racking configuration up to 3-levels high
  • Independent PLC/HMI controlled inventory management system
  • Faster product retrieval
  • Improved safety
  • Flexible and expandable for future expansion
  • 75,000 lbs product capacity
  • 0-200 ft travel speed
  • 30 ft per minute lift speed
  • 80 hp servo drive lift to ensure fast, equal lifting
  • Multiple skews
  • Remote manual override and operation
  • Industry-leading durability
  • Custom control packages 
  • Customizable colours
  • Custom expansions
  • Unique designs
  • Adjustable racking 
  • Remote service & monitoring

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