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Storage Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

automated storage and retrieval

Carney Fabricating Ltd. provides proven Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems enhancing the order of your operations picking process to maximum efficiency. Our systems are limitless in terms of locations (height and width). 

We design systems to suit your product size and weight. Our locations have heavy-duty-bearing driven rollers, with every roller driven for positive traction.

Our automated storage systems are outfitted with dedicated safety controllers, self-monitoring to detect key component failures, dual-channel safety devices, and options to add additional laser scanners
or safety devices.

Proven to meets and/or exceeds all of the toughest AGV industry standards and includes comprehensive self-diagnostic and logging capabilities to reduce downtime through servicing and unscheduled maintenance.

Manufactured entirely in-house, our automated storage and retrieval systems optimize your operation by providing quick and efficient access to stored items. Additionally, these systems have a small warehouse footprint and can be designed to fit perfectly in your environment. 

Highlighted Features

Automated Storage and Retrieval Loading Requirements

Our ASRS can be designed to accommodate your loading requirements

High Quality Precision Bearing Rollers

Our systems are supplied with top of the line bearings for smooth operation

Extra Storage Space by Using Unoccupied Headroom

 ASRS maximize floor space taking advantage of headroom

Detailed Specs

  • Heavy duty steel tube rollers
  • Sealed precision roller bearings
  • Structural steel support framing
  • Designed with factor of safety from yield + impact factor
  • Custom designed spans, heights and depth to accommodate product/skid
  • Designed to maximize height of building
  • Custom control packages 
  • H.M.I. controls
  • Integratable with MRP/ERP systems

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