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Available as either straight or with bends, belt conveyors offer a simple and reliable method of transporting a large variety of products. They are a great way to move items that would pose problems for other types of conveyors. This includes items with uneven or irregular bases, small items that could fall between roller conveyors, or soft items such as bagged products.

Belt conveyors can be arranged horizontally or inclined to move between levels using either incline or spiral belts. With Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) speeds up to 150 fpm based on application requirements, belt conveyors are especially ideal for industrial, pharmaceutical, and food operations.

Slider Bed Conveyors

Slider Bed conveyors offer a versatile solution for various material handling requirements including, assembly line operations, inspection, sorting or packing. Based on application requirements, Carney Fabricating’s slider bed belts can be customized to wider belts and fitted as rubber belt conveyors.

  • Custom configurations and widths available
  • Side loading and unloading applications
  • Light-weight or heavy-duty design based on operation requirements
  • Various belt types available
  • Flared or vertical side rails
  • Bottom-mounted drive, and a variety of belt types

 Chain-Mesh Belt Conveyors

Carney Fabricating offers a variety of chain-mesh configurations based on load and installation requirements. We offer various bed materials including roller, wear strip slider and plastic. Chain-Mesh Belt Conveyors can be used for heavy-duty applications including heat-treated, drying, cooling or moving hot parts.

  • Reduces cool down time by eliminating mist and replacing water quench for increased die-casting efficiency
  • Can interface with existing conveyor systems
  • High side rails and completely enclosed bottom pan
  • Various belt types available

Cleated Conveyors

Cleated conveyor belts are used for separating products, especially in incline and decline applications. Cleats are available on all style or material belts. Although standard cleat heights offer the best pricing, cleats are available in any height up to 6″. Placement of the cleats on the conveyor belt length (separation) is restricted only by the minimum distance. Cleated conveyors are readily equipped with stands that give your desired angle of incline or decline up to 60 degrees.

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors (Flat or Inclined)

Hinged conveyors, also known as inclined scrap conveyors, are designed to transfer hot and or heavy loads with ease. Our steel sprockets supply smooth circular to linear motion without slippage or jolting the product. We include easy access for maintenance, but the unit is secured against binding during operation.

 Chain Belt Conveyors

Chain belt conveyors are similar in design to a slider bed belt conveyor but with a heavy duty chain mesh belt to accommodate hot, heavy or sharp products that would damage a regular plastic or rubber belt type.

Carney Fabricating offers designs with varying chain sizes to suit different applications, including options for protective surfaces and zero back pressure.

  • Constructed from heavy gauge formed and welded steel
  • Supporting legs can be provided with adjustable feet
  • Gear motor drives are supplied to suit the desired conveying speed and torque requirements

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