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Cranes and Crane Systems

Bridge (Overhead) Cranes


Carney Fabricating offers a wide range of overhead bridge cranes and crane components. 

Between our standard and custom > modular components, we can offer the right crane for you.  Our crane products meet the most demanding applications, tailor & designed for your specific system requirements.

Carney Fabricating

Highlighted Features

Capacities of up to 50 Tons

Heavy-duty flyover design with impact and safety factors in compliance with CMAA standards.

Designed with Modular Components

We offer standard and custom-made modular components, including runways, columns and box girders

Various Bridge Cranes Available

Single Girder, Double Girder, Top Running, Under Running, Light Rail, Gantry CranesMonorail Systems, and Jib Cranes

Detailed Specs

  • Various bridge cranes available including: 
    • Single Girder
    • Double Girder
    • Top Running
    • Under Running
    • Light Rail 
    • Gantry Cranes
    • Monorail Systems
    • Jib Cranes

  • Optional cantilevered support
  • Motorized or manual systems
  • Custom paint colour options available

We include a 3:1 factor of safety from yield with an additional impact factor for shock loading. Mill duty cranes are available upon request.  All cranes are complete with upper and lower limit switches, smart end approach travel, and can be equipped with load limiting devices to prevent overloading.

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