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Carney Fabricating Ltd. carpet rams can be rack or fork mounted. Our quick connect designs make adding or removing the attachment easy and efficient. Our design is robust yet lightweight, incorporating quenched and tempered steel capitalizing on high strength without added weight. Fork pockets can be positioned to accommodate your optimal lifting requirements.

Highlighted Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

Welded structural steel construction for strength and long life

Available in Narrow or Large Diameters

Select from 1” through to 12” diameter rams to maximize capacity and fit with your carpet core

An Alternative to Lifting or Jib Cranes

With carpet rams, your forklift becomes a portable crane to move carpet rolls or long cylindrical materials more efficiently and effectively

Detailed Specs

  • Powder coated finish
  • Can be attached to and removed from the forklift by just one operator
  • Welded structural steel construction for strength and long life
  • An alternative to lifting or jib cranes
  • Easy storage
  • Forklift pockets of any size available 
  • Rack or fork mounted design
  • Heel strap or grab chain safety devices
  • Custom designs available on request

The lifting capacity of a forklift using a carpet ram may decrease as the centre of gravity moves outwards. Overloading the forklift may cause the forklift to tip. To prevent such an incident, please ensure that the loads center of gravity is positioned that the forklift remains grounded and stable at all times.

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