Carney Product Transfer Solution: Transfer Cart

Transfer of: 20-ton dies

How it all started:

A client turned to Carney Fabricating for guidance on how best to move materials weighing up to 20 tons from one crane bay to another across their large facility. They needed a safe, efficient, and dependable solution, and our engineers were happy to oblige with a specially designed transfer cart.

Facts and figures:

A rail-guided design was chosen to ensure a consistent path across the 250’ travel length.
For convenience and mobility, our engineers chose to power the cart using internally mounted D.C. battery cells and an on-board trickle charger.
The cart would run across two shifts regularly.
The cart was equipped with area scanners on all sides in order to avoid collisions with people or other obstructions along its path.


The cart has been in operation for over six months, and the client has since integrated an identical transfer system into another facility. Both carts have been performing to the client’s full satisfaction thanks both to our engineers’ meticulous design process and to the flawless fabrication of every Carney material handling solution.

At Carney, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a complete material handling solution from start to finish. Our main goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by adapting ourselves to their needs.