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Picker Platform

A redesigned picker platform for added security and functionality.

  • Date: Nov 2017
  • Client: Big Box Retailer
  • Project: Retail Warehouse Solution

The Challenge

Industry standards to date allowed operators to stand on a skid without railings or added safety features.

 After a workplace incident, one of Canada’s largest big-box retailers contacted Carney Fabricating in search of a picker platform that improved productivity, with an emphasis on added safety measures for their employees to efficiently pick products and materials from elevated storage systems.

 With multiple locations employing thousands of retail staff across Canada, our customer was seeking a provider of substantial size that was able to produce over 200 units within 60 days.

The Design

Carney Fabricating’s engineering team quickly understood the objective – a platform picker that facilitates the operator to easily retrieve products on higher storage shelves without risk of falling or strained reach.

Following a review of the requirements and application, Carney developed a platform concept capturing all the desired features, which included a lightweight solution, eliminating trip hazards, and easy access to the product storage bay by adding lifted side rails. To alleviate operator strain, side rail lift was assisted using gas shock cylinders, for which the team conducted thorough research and testing and found a 120lb shock performed the best.

The final design emphasized safety, without compromising productivity and durability. Carney’s custom picker platform included:

  • Lifting side rails using gas shock cylinders with a locking mechanism to hold them in place while the platform is elevated
  • Reinforced centre-mounted cross bracing for durability
  • Height-accommodating fork pockets compatible with Raymond, Yale and Jungheinrich pickers
  • A welded mesh backing that included a storage pocket, and equipment hooks for safety harness holding
  • Circumferential kick plates to reduce the chance of products or components falling off the platform
  • Clamp blocks, as well as a front-facing bolt plate for permanent mounting on platform
  • No slip platform design to provide the operators with a firm footing, as well as stabilizing the products


    Carney Fabricating’s Picker Platform is the ideal solution for employees to safely and efficiently pick products and materials from elevated storage systems.

    The platform is reinforced with centre-mounted cross bracing for durability and manufactured using certified-quality metal and a powder-coated finish for added product longevity.

    Each unit comes complete with a letter of conformity to OHSA reg. 851 for industrial establishments, as well as all required markings (capacity, self weight, manufacturer, date etc.).

    With the success of the Picker Platform, Carney has become the go-to source for the client’s material handling solutions across North America.

    200+ Units Delivered and Counting

    Days from Client Order to Delivery

    Gas Shock Cylinders Used for Side-rail

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