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D.C. Powered Steerable Transfer Cart

A 30 Ton Capacity Steerable Transfer Cart for loading and unloading large turbines in a Class 1, Division 1 Explosion-Proof Environment

  • Client: Power Generation
  • Project: Heavy-Duty Material Transfer Solution for a Class 1, Division 1 Explosion-Proof Environment

The Challenge

A globally recognized Power Generation company required a solution for heavy-duty material handling with steering flexibility to traverse within an industrial facility.

The product application was to load and unload very large turbines out of a paint booth. The paint booth and surrounding area would have residual chemicals, thus creating a potentially explosive environment that demanded the product transfer cart meet the requirements for Class 1, Division 1 explosion-proof rating.

The Design

Upon understanding the challenge of a Class 1, Division 1 explosion-proof room, Carney Fabricating’s engineering team immediately knew a steerable, hydraulically driven product transfer cart would be the solution.

The cart required steering flexibility to traverse within an industrial facility around 90 degree turns from one 14′ aisle way to another. Our team prudently implemented a drive system based on proven engineering technology and the necessary operating parameters (battery life, speed, torque, etc.).

In addition to being hydraulically driven, the transfer cart’s design had spark resistant components and sealed compartments holding the power unit.

Given the size of the turbines, the transfer cart was constructed with consideration of product weight, impact factors, and critical point loads. To meet these requirements, the cart had variable speeds of 0-50 fpm, a 15’ by 6’ platform, and a total capacity of 30-tons (60,000 lbs).


    Carney Fabricating designed an innovative, heavy-duty material transfer solution for our client to meet the many custom specifications of their unique facility. The 48V D.C. powered steerable transfer cart included a duty cycle of 12 hours, operating without charge for a period of 12 hours and be fully charged within only 2 hours.

    After client delivery and a brief training session on site, the trained operators were quickly comfortable using the transfer cart and welcomed it as part of their standard facility operation.

    Based on the tremendous experience and expertise of our staff, Carney Fabricating’s team had determined the ideal power source, speed and size to customize a safe and efficient product transfer solution for our customer.

    0-50 fpm Cart Speed

    Duty Cycle: 12 hour operation without charge; charges in 2 hours

    Power 48V D.C.

    30 Ton Capacity

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