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Storage Systems

Coil Racking

Coil racking systems are the ideal solution for storing reels of cable and other coiled materials in your facility. Despite the name, Carney Fabricatings coil racks are versatile and work for far more than just coils. They can also be used for applications such as Fiber Storage, Wallpaper Storage, Carpet Storage, and Textile Storage. In all cases, our racking systems provide a solution with a small footprint, while protecting your materials that are not packaged in square or rectangular form.

Standard pallet racking, designed principally for the storage of products on pallets, is better suited to the storage of industrial or workshop products which may limit your product configuration.

Coil racking is ideal for industrial settings and for customer service areas to store coils on one or both sides of the rack. With our custom design service,our coil racking systems can accommodate various materials and storage space. 


Detailed Specs

  • Designed to enable the storage of coils or reels of material to be compactly stored
  • Materials are well presented to identify stock easily
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Coils can be suspended above the floor
  • Coils are protected from accidental damage
  • Can be used for multiple products
  • Saves on floor space
  • Customization available to suit your coil weights and sizes

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