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Carney Fabricating drum handling equipment available for all drum handling applications including; moving, lifting, and dumping drums. We offer a wide range of forklift drum attachments, including drum brackets, clamps, diameter adaptors, rackers, and handlers. Each of these tools can help to improve productivity and workplace safety by reducing the manual handling of heavy drums. The attachments also prevent damage to the drums or spilling of material thanks to the strong and steady grip that we guarantee with all of our drum handling products.

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Detailed Specs

  • Drums can either be loaded on manually, or automatically gripped by the drum handler
  • All manoeuvring of the drums is performed from the forklift cab by a single operator
  • Lift, rotate, tilt, and dispense from drums, all without any manual handling
  • Available with either one-drum or two-drum capacity
  • Precision mechanical gripper jaws grasp drum lip securely for safer handling
  • Grasp drum automatically when drum handler is correctly positioned
  • Forklift mounted handlers make transporting drums quicker and easier
  • No more manually handling heavy drums
  • Help reduce injuries from manual handling
  • Increases productivity by reducing manual labour involved
  • Drum brackets assemblies and rim clamps
  • Drum diameter adaptors
  • Drum racker
  • Drum handlers

These attachments can facilitate a much wider range of applications than just the transportation of drums, such as tilting or rotating the drums by up to 360˚. Tilting can be controlled either by a pull chain or by remote control, depending on your requirements. We also manufacture premium roll handling equipment designed for transporting rolls from pallets to converting machines. 

We pride ourselves as being innovative in building roll and drum handling devices that our customers need and rely on daily to manufacture their products. Our drum handling equipment provides an ergonomic solution to the problems incurred in drum handling operations from the shipping dock door through production and packaging. 

 We Specialize in Providing Customized Drum Handling Equipment Solutions

At Carney Fabricating, our entire drum handling equipment is built specifically for each customer’s application. We don’t believe a one-size-fits-all approach is the proper way to effectively serve the needs of our customers. We have produced equipment for a number of custom material handling applications over the years, and nearly all of our equipment can be modified, so please contact us with your custom requirements. Our sales team will be happy to work with you to find the most appropriate equipment solution for your company. Our lineup of drum handling devices includes drum lifters, drum transporters, lift truck attachments, drum dumpers and drum haulers.

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