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A jib crane is an overhead lifting device that moves product within the radius of its arm span. This makes jib cranes ideal for applications requiring repetitive movements of material across short distances. They are especially good for moving loads in an arc around a workstation. Since jib cranes can be designed using a facility’s existing structures as supports, they can be cost-effective.

Highlighted Features

Custom Jib Crane Systems

Choose from standard models for basic requirements or custom designs that go above and beyond to meet more unique material handling needs

Various Standard Jib Cranes Available

Including  Free Standing Utility Jib,  Free Standing Base Plate Mounted, Wall Bracket Tie Rod Style, Wall Bracket Cantilever Style and custom systems

Multi-Powering Methods Available

All units can be supplied with manual or powered rotation, as well as powered trolleys and hoists to complete the turnkey handling system

Detailed Specs

  • Capacities up to 20 tons
  • Spans: up to 30 feet
  • Rotation: up to 360°
  • Configuration: Normal/Low headroom
  • Designed with minimum 3:1 Safety Factor from yield, plus an impact factor or 5:1 factors for steel duty
  • Free standing, wall-mounted models or crane kits available
  • Multi-powering methods available
  • All units are available with manual or powered trolleys and hoists

Carney Fabricating offers many models of the Jib Crane, each with their unique advantages.

Jib cranes are an effective ergonomic method of repeatedly moving heavy items quickly and cost-effectively from one workstation to another. A variety of Jib Crane options can be designed to suit the specific needs or layout of your facility.

Free standing jib cranes are used under large bridge cranes, in open areas where they can serve several workstations. They can also be overlapped with other jibs to provide staged operations.

Wall-mounted jib cranes use structurally adequate walls or columns as their support. These provide effective lifting coverage to supplement an overhead crane system or for a series of overlapping work cells.

Tie Rod Jib Crane

Full Compression, Low Headroom Jib Crane

360° Rotation Jib Crane

A. Wall Mounted Tie Rod B. Wall Mounted Full Compression

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