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Carney Fabricating manufactures a wide range of single or multi-point lifting beams, ranging from simple to complex 4 point h-beams or load balancing lifting solutions. Our standard beams are durable, customizable, cost effective, and can drastically enhance your cranes lifting capabilities.

4 Point Lifting beam - yellow

Detailed Specs

  • Extensive library of standard designs for a multitude of applications
  • Capacities from 500-100,000 lbs
  • Beams can span from 2 to 30 feet on our standard models
  • Adjustable hook positions can be set in 3’’, 6” or 10” increments
  • Low headroom designs maximize available space to give you optimal lifting space
  • Easy to use
  • Fast delivery
  • Design criteria: Safety Factors 3:1 from yield, + an impact factor (Mill duty designs available)
  • Customization available

Carney Fabricating is Proud to Supply Standard And Custom-Built Lifting Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Lifting beams are similar to spreader beams in that they enable a crane to lift and transport loads. The main difference is that lifting beams are better for narrower loads, as well as work environments with low headroom. In addition to their more standard uses, every beam also comes with an easy and efficient means of handling industrial forklift batteries.

These beams can lift your loads safely and keep them level using single or multiple attachment points. They are also compatible with many different under-hook attachments. The multi-point beams provide a lifting solution capable of many different lifts in one easy-to-use package, making them a cost-effective alternative to many other standard fixed beams.

Yellow - lifting beam in use

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