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Storage Systems


Adding a mezzanine is the simplest and most effective way to increase your floor space.  You can use the mezzanine for storage space or support additional manufacturing processes. By taking advantage of unused headroom, mezzanines add floor space to any space.

Mezzanines can be taken apart to be reused elsewhere, and their structure, dimensions and location are easy to change. They can be installed throughout the whole warehouse or in select areas. Some of the most common types of mezzanines are storage mezzanines, office mezzanines, retail mezzanines, production mezzanines, and warehouse mezzanines.

Highlighted Features

Loading Requirements

Our mezzanines can be designed to accommodate your loading requirements from 125 lbs/sqft to 500 lbs/sqft  including consideration for specific point loading requirements

Optional Platform Finishes

We can offer steel plate, plywood, grating, tiled or custom platform finishes to accommodate your requirements

Extra Storage Space by Using Unoccupied Headroom

Mezzanines create additional floor space and are a more economical alternative to moving or purchasing a new facility

Detailed Specs

  • Easily accommodates the pre-existing features of your mezzanine
  • Custom made using the best materials for your applications
  • Designed as free-standing structures to allow them to be extendable and relocatable as expansion occurs within your business
  • Designed to suit your loading needs, including specific point loading requirements
  • Increase space within the building
  • Can be multi leveled in to 10 stories.  
  • A cost-effective alternative to moving or purchasing a new facility
  • Double or triple the surface area of warehouses in a simple and cost-effective way
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Can be complemented with a variety of shelving systems
  • Can be supplied with elevating devices for bringing materials up and down
  • Can include a material lift, shelving, high load capacity areas, and countless other options
  • We can offer steel plate, plywood, grating, tiled or custom platform finished to accommodate your requirements

At Carney Fabricating, we design each mezzanine floor to cater to your unique requirements.

All of our mezzanine floors are seen through to completion by our expert engineers; from design to construction. To ensure your mezzanine is perfect for your warehouse, we will always visit the premises during the design phase.

Transporting materials up and down mezzanines can be tiresome and potentially unsafe. We offer optional vertical reciprocating conveyors, and material lifts to make vertical lifting easy and efficient.

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