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Monorail Crane Systems 

Not all facilities can accommodate overhead crane operations. Monorail Cranes are ideal for processes that require you to lift and move products along a fixed path. That includes painting processes, moving raw materials to workstations, or warehouse operations, among others.

The single-track design of a Monorail Crane can attach to existing support structures or to a freestanding frame, depending on your facility’s layout and application. These systems have the added advantage of freeing up floor space when attached to existing structures.

Monorail Crane System - Blue

A Versatile Range of System Applications

Monorail Cranes can be used in different types of material handling and lifting applications including transferring products through paint booths, assembly lines, transfer system storage, a variety of process applications, delivery systems within plants and factories, and over or underneath a buildings mezzanine.

Monorail cranes are easy to integrate with bridge, jib, and workstation cranes for fast material movement. They are a cost-effective alternative to overhead cranes or hoists where X, Y, Z-axis movement is not required.

Detailed Specs

  • Compact construction, trolley, and standard I -beam design
  • High flexibility of operation in all directions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Most efficient and economical replacement of traditional hoist or overhead crane
  • Maximization of floor space by means of direct installation on existing structure
  • Easy and fast to operate and also free from noise
  • Excellent solution for lifting limited capacity
  • Ceiling mounted systems available
  • Light rail extruded design or structural steel I-beam
  • Powered hoist and trolley designs available

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