Coil Handling

  • Coil Hooks and Coil Grabs available
  • Digital weighing systems
  • Designs for narrow coils
  • Remote control features
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Storage stands
  • Motorized rotation


Coil handling can pose unique challenges.  That’s why Carney Fabricating offers Coil Hooks and Coil Grabs to facilitate these more complicate applications.  Both products provide a simple, economical choice for Coil Handling.  And since Carney builds its Coil hooks out of high strength tensile steel plate, you can count on their durability.

Carney Fabricating Coil Hook

Carney Fabricating Coil Hook

The crane operator controls the lifting process from the cabin, inserting the lower leg into the coil.

  • Adequate space is provided in the throat of the coil hook to accommodate the largest coil for your application, while still leaving sufficient clearance. Each coil hook has a 5:1 safety factor that we certify upon completion.
  • Custom-engineered to meet the client’s specific requirements for load configuration, weight, lifting area and headroom.
  • A counterbalance weight ensures that the hook hangs level while unloaded.
  • Coil hooks are most often used to lift and move loads such as coiled cable, paper rolls, steel culverts or any other product wrapped around a spool.

Carney Fabricating Coil Grab

Carney Fabricating Coil Grab

Carney Fabricating Coil Grabs provide the ideal solution for applications where only the top end of a coil is accessible.

By firmly gripping the coil’s rim between the inner and outer diameters, coil grabs eliminate the need to re-position coils before moving them. Carney Fabricating is proud to offer custom designs and options to ensure that your coil grab suits your purposes perfectly.


Coil Grab Features

  • Uses a heavy-duty worm gear reducer
  • Drive protection with slip clutch
  • Designed with replaceable wear plates and hinged covers
  • Can be designed with a second set of jaws for a stronger grip and more even
    distribution of force

Coil Hook Features

  • Equipped with digital weighing systems
  • Designs available to accommodate narrow coils
  • Includes remote control features
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Supplied with storage stands
  • Motorized rotation
  • Telescopic, horizontal and vertical lifters available, depending on your applications