Coil Racking

  • Save on floor space
  • Improve health & safety
  • Materials will be well presented
  • Identify stock easily
  • Quicker sales and stocktaking
  • Coils are protected from accidental damage
  • Coils are suspended above the floor
  • Coil Racks can be used for multiple products


Coil racking systems are the ideal solution for storing reels of cable and other coiled materials in your facility. Despite the name, Carney Coil Racks are versatile and work for far more than just coils. You can also use them for applications such as Fibre Storage, Wallpaper Storage, Carpet Storage, and Textile Storage.  In all cases, they are an efficient solution that makes the best use of space while protecting your materials.

Thanks to our custom design service, your Carney coil rack will fit both your available storage space and your products. Coil Racking is ideal for industrial settings and for customer service areas where you need to store coils on one or both sides of the rack.  To learn more, please feel free to contact us.




On modern-day workshops and engineering establishments, there is often a need for suitable storage space for product reels and coils which do not have a large footprint and are not packaged in square or rectangular form.
Standard pallet racking, designed principally for the storage of products on pallets, is better suited to the storage of industrial or workshop products which may require more robust support. 
  • Carney design and manufacture racks to suit your coil weights and sizes.
  • Designed to enable the storage of coils/reels of material to be compactly stored.
  • Gives greater flexibility of storage space.
  • Easily installed