Forklift Spreader Beams

  • Quick and easy adjustment for unbalanced loads
  • Ideally suited for low headroom applications
  • Lifting Capacities: 250-50,000 Lbs
  • Fixed or telescopic designs available
  • Supplied complete with certified sling and hook assemblies


Carney Fabricating can design standard or custom-fabricated forklift-mounted spreader beams to accommodate your lifting applications.  These let you lift your loads safely and keep them level using single or multiple attachment points. Beams can be of a fixed length or adjustable and be used in conjunction with many different attachments. They are also simple to attach or remove, and can often replace overhead cranes or other lifting/spreading devices that are track-driven or on a fixed path.

Forklift Spreader Beams

Forklift Spreader Beam


We also offer Forklift Spreader beams that enable forklifts to carry long or uneven loads. To facilitate your specific applications, Carney offers spreader beams with single or multiple attachment points, and with fixed or adjustable lengths. You can also use them in conjunction with several other attachments. No matter what the job is, Carney Spreader Beams can help you finish it as safely and efficiently as possible.  To learn more, please feel free to contact us.


  • Available in fixed or telescopic styles

  • Includes certified sling and hook assemblies

  • Lifting hooks come complete with safety latches

  • Ideal for low headroom applications

  • Quick and easy adjustment for unbalanced loads


  • Span: 2  –  30 Feet
  • Lifting Capacities: 250-50,000 Lbs
  • Adjustable hook position set in  3″,6″, or 10″ increments
  • Completed with safety latches