Gantry Crane

  • Available in permanent floor-mounting or on-rail models
  • Outdoor options available
  • Adjustable height, span, and tread (T-series)
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Customization available


 A gantry crane is an portable overhead lifting device that allows workers to quickly and easily move products. They take little time to assemble, and their height and span are adjustable, which suits them to a wide range of applications. On top of being highly portable, gantry cranes can accommodate loads as heavy as 40,000 pounds with ease.

Gantry Crane1

Gantry Crane

  • Gantries can be free-standing, mounted to an existing structure or incorporated into new buildings.
  • Gantry Cranes represent the best design, strength, durability, and construction that Carney has to offer. They are free standing A-frame structures with a single or double girder running across from one A-frame to another supporting a trolley and hoist.
  • The precision tolerances and welding ensure component alignment and operational stability.  On top of that, we use standardized quality and wide flange beams for a firm standing. Some standard configurations are illustrated below.

In addition to the configurations shown above:




  • Carney has standard designs to provide full beam trolley travel, widening the braces so the hoist and trolley can hit each end of the gantry without interfering with the braces.
  • Carney’s unique design process lets us manufacture gantries built from box girders.  This lets our clients achieve greater distances between supports in a cost-effective way.
  • We design and install all our gantries in accordance with current North American safety standards.

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  • Lifting capacities up to 40,000 lbs
  • Standard spans up to 30 feet
  • Exterior coating and stainless steel motors available for outdoor use
  • Portable Gantries: quick disassembly for transport by a service truck
  • A tagline or festoon system to deliver electrical power to your hoist and trolley
  • Wide reach and multi-purpose lifting.
  • Simple height and span adjustments
  • Floor rails and powered travel
  • Ideal for warehouses and welding shops
  • Radio remote controls
  • Designed with safety factor of 3:1
  • CE approved
  • Customization available


Gantry Crane Specifications

Gantry Crane Specifications