Gravity Conveyors

  • Can support heavier loads than other conveyors
  • Powered by gravity or manual operation
  • Cost-effective, with little maintenance required
  • Ideal for warehouse, industrial, and retail applications
  • Compatible with most systems in use, and highly customizable
  • Turnkey solutions available


Gravity conveyors move products and materials without a power source, instead using gravity to pull them down a slope, or allowing a worker to push the load along a flat conveyor. A gravity conveyor can use either skate wheels or full rollers.

Carney Fabricating Gravity Conveyor

Carney Gravity Conveyor

  • Require no power to use
  • Offer great support for the bottom surfaces of items
  • Ideal for assembly or order fulfillment workstations
  • Reduce manual handling, lowering the risk of workplace incidents
  • Since gravity conveyors are powered by gravity or manual operation, they are very cost-effective
  • Require little expertise or expense to install and use.


Our team can design and build the perfect gravity conveyor to suit your needs.  Please feel free to contact us to learn more.

Features & Options

  • Lengths-5′ or 10′ sections standard, other lengths available
  • Roller widths up to 12″ (conveyors can be doubled for wider spans)
  • Rollers equipped with spring-loaded axles for fast, easy insertion and removal
  • Rollers fabricated with the highest quality components for long and dependable service
  • Frame rails widths designed to match roller BFRs
  • Custom roller spacing available on all models
  • Can have 45° or 90° curves
  • Custom lengths and curves available
  • Quick, easy, and low-cost installation
  • Spurs available straight and curved.
  • Right or left-hand applications available



  • Requires very little energy in relation to other processes
  • Design flexibility based on operational requirements
  • Speedy and low cost of installation


Gravity Conveyors Specification

Gravity Conveyors Specification