Pallet Racking

  • High-density storage system
  • Safe storage of heavy loads
  • Easy to set up
  • High load capacity maximizes storage capabilities
  • Highly flexible as various intermediate upright heights and intermediate beam lengths can be supplied
  • The pallet racking system’s versatility lets it grow and change with your business


Pallet Racking is a type of high-capacity warehouse shelving used to store pallets of product.


Carney pallet flow racks are ideal for floor-level picking and make greaet additions to multi-level pick modules, staging areas, buffer support areas, and other warehouse racking systems that are more than 10 pallets deep. Their high impact-bearing wheels use gravity flow to safely and efficiently transport pallets, including wrong-way pallets.

We also offer custom options and designs to ensure that every component of your racking system is the ideal fit for your needs.


Pushback pallet storage and retrieval systems pack in more pallets per square foot than any other system.


  • Better selectivity – store different products (SKUs) on each level
  • Lower Costs – no lost time entering racks.
  • Faster Operation – pallets are easy to access from the aisle
  • More Capacity – greatly increases pallet density
  • Low Profile – increases potential for an additional level of storage
  • Push back rack

    Push back rack


  • Greatly reduces honey-combing
  • Increases pick faces
  • Lowers retrieval times and labour costs
  • Pushback is much safer than drive-in
  • Pallet storage and retrieval systems are customizable, and work with all lift trucks
Carney’s team can design and install the perfect warehouse racking system and accessories to help your operations and increase your storage space. To learn more, please feel free to contact us.


  • Various rack heights up to 5 metres Galvanised structural pallet racks
  • Maximum clear entry (left to right) of 3.9 metres
  • Vertically adjustable beams on a standard pitch of 100mm
  • Painted in any colour or galvanised for externalGalvanised pallet racking


  • Roof and cladding available for external storage
  • Steel or timber decks
  • Pallet support bars
  • Fitted or adjustable fork entry bars
  • Chocks for storing drums or coils
  • Backstops
  • Guide Rail Systems available for additional protection from forklift damage