Sheet and Plate Lifter

  • Designed with optimum lifting capabilities.
  • One-person operation minimizes handling costs.
  • Easy adjustment for a wide range of sheet widths.
  • Less maintenance than mechanical drives.
  • Power options:  110V / 1 Phase , 575V / 3Phase, D.C. – battery


Sheet and plate lifters enable a single operator to quickly, easily and safely lift sheet bundles, plate, wallboard, plywood, glass and many other types of stacked flat materials. Lifters can be manually operated or electrically powered, and can be designed to fit the dimensions of your product specifications or to be adjustable.

Carney Fabricating Sheetlifter

The sheet or plate lifter also has low headroom for optimum lifting capabilities. On top of that, it reduces handling costs since it only needs one person to operate.




Sheet Lifter

Sheet Lifter

  • Hand wheel lockout
  • Motorized leg adjustment
  • Chain-wheel leg adjustment
  • Extended length hand wheel leg adjustment





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  • Requires less maintenance cost than mechanical drives
  • Power options: 110V / 1-Phase, 575V / 3-Phase, or D.C. battery
  •  Versatile handling of bundles, sheets, plates and other materials
    stacked horizontally.
  • Low headroom design for optimum lifting capabilities.
  • One person operation minimizes handling cost.
  • Self-locking worm gear drive for leg adjustment is standard.
  • Easy adjustment for different sheet widths.
  • Rack and pinion leg drive.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance.
  •  Designed for greater sheet width range.
  • Complies with ASME standards.