Spreader Beam

  • Lightweight and easy to design and use
  • Safer and more stable material transfer
  • Higher weight capacity than lifting beam
  • Lift loads with two or multiple attachment points
  • Low headroom designs
  • Multiple and adjustable hook locations


A Spreader Beam is a versatile system of interchangeable components assembled to provide a wide array of lifting solutions, from simple 2-point spreader beams to complex multi-beam lifting rigs.

Carney Fabricating Spreader Beam

  • The multi-point lifting approach offers our client a stable and safe way of transferring material.
  • The weight capacity is higher than that of a one-point lifting beam. In terms of the loading mechanism, the design converts the loads into compressive forces in the bar and tensile forces in the slings.
  • Enable the lifting and transport of wide loads by a crane.
  • Lighter and more cost-efficient than lifting beams
  • Spreader beams are also adjustable, which makes them an ideal choice for many different applications.

These features result in spreader beams being lightweight, and easy to install and use. However, spreader beams do require more headroom than lifting beams.

carney-fabricating-spreader beam 1

Carney Fabricating Spreader Beam

Carney’s lifting and spreader beams provide a safe and efficient means of lifting loads with single or multiple attachment points. Our lifting beams can handle a variety of loads such as bars, racks, rolls, cylinders, and machinery. All beams are available in fixed or adjustable lengths. Special designs are also available for restricted headroom or custom applications.  For more information about how Carney can design the perfect spreader beam for your facility, please feel free to contact us.




  • Available with single or multiple attachment points
  • Low headroom designs available
  • Adjustable hook locations
  • Capacities: 500 – 100,000 Lbs
  • Custom designed with a myriad of options to accommodate your applications

Design Options

  • Fixed Spread Economy Spreader Beams
  • Fixed Twin Basket Sling Spreader Beams
  • Adjustable Lifting Beam
  • Adjustable Spreader/Lifting Beam
  • Low Headroom Multiple Spread Lifting Beam
  • Heavy Duty Twin Basket Sling Lifting Beam
  • Twin Hoist Lifting Beam
  • Adjustable Bail Lifting Beam
  • Load Leveler Lifting Beam
  • Load Rotating / Positioning Beam
  • Three Point Lifting Beams
  • Twin Hoist Rotating Lifting Beams
  • Chlorine Cylinder Lifting Beam
  • Fixed Spreader Beams
  • Adjustable Spreader Beams
  • Fiberglass Spreader Beams
  • Custom Spreader Systems