Carney Fabricating Custom Platform Solution

Warehouse Solution: Picker Platform

How it all started:

A client came to Carney Fabricating in search of an efficient and safe method for employees to pick materials from tall storage systems. Our engineers determined that a custom-made Picker Platform would be the ideal solution, and got straight to work preparing the perfect design for the client’s facilities.

Facts and figures:

Carney manufactures its products using certified-quality metal, and this platform comes with a powder-coated finish for added longevity
The platform is reinforced with centre-mounted cross bracing for durability
The gas shock cylinders help elevate the side rails and hold them in place for easier access while the platform is elevated
The unit’s height-accommodating fork pockets can fit either Raymond of Yale pickers
Units come complete with clamp blocks, as well as a front-facing bolt plate for permanent mounting on platform
Each unit comes complete with a letter of conformity to OHSA reg. 851, Elevating Work Platforms Standard, as well as all legal information required by OHSA regulations (capacity, self weight, manufacturer, etc.)
Carney also offers a two-year warranty on defective material or workmanship


The picker platform we designed for the client was manufactured with close attention to the quality and characteristics of our materials, as well as the demands of our client’s material picking applications.   In this case, that meant equipping it with a checker-plate platform of formed steel to ensure an anti-slip surface for employee safety, as well as side rails for added security and functionality.

Of course, we also had to keep the client’s materials safe.  To that end, we also included a welded mesh backing, as well as a kick plate around the perimeter of the platform to prevent anything from falling off of the platform.

At Carney, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a complete material handling solution from start to finish. Our main goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by adapting ourselves to your needs.