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Storage Systems

Structural Racking


Structural Racking provides a safe and efficient storage solution for warehouse environments. Carney Fabricating can design platforms for any type of load, with seamless integration into your current facilities.

Structural Racking can be built directly into the structure of the building, which maximizes available space, improves storage and retrieval methods, and increases workplace safety. Their heavy-duty capacities provide superior rigidity, durability and load carrying ability.

Structural racking loaded - blue

Detailed Specs

  • Heavy duty capacities
  • Superior durability and load carrying
  • Ideal solution to maximize your available facility space
  • Can be customized for your application

Custom Heavy-Duty Racking 

Custom Heavy-Duty Racking offers a robust design, with all products manufactured from heavy duty universal beam sections. These racking systems can be up to 20 metres high and of substantial length, with capacities to store materials of up to 20 tons per location. 

 We offer a variety of design options to make sure that the product meets your needs, including accessories that aid the loading and storage of difficult items. Our Heavy-Duty Racking systems are available with painted or hot-dipped galvanized finishes.

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