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A 10 Ton manual sheet lifter for loading and unloading shelving, pallet racks, commercial steel.

  • Location: Bolton, Ontario
  • Project: Material Transfer Solution for regular and offset loads

The Challenge

A Ontario-based equipment manufacturer required a reliable lifter strong enough to withstand regular and offset loads to maneuver a variety of materials in their warehouse. The expectation of the product was maintainability while still allowing wear and tear items to easily be replaced when worn or damaged.

The client also requested the lifter design incorporates multiple lifting bail positions to account for offset loads & to be equipped with sheet hooks to maintain the squareness of the sheet ends.


Sheet Lifter - Case Study

The Design

Once the need of the client was understood, our engineering team executed a manual sheet lifter design for a capacity of 10 tons. The design included stress analysis & was engineered, designed, and manufactured to ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1 safety standards for
below-the-hook lifting devices to ensure reliability.

The product is able to maintain typical wear and tear so that items could easily be replaced when worn or damaged. To optimize functionality, the lifter design incorporated multiple lifting bail positions to account for offset loads & the lifter was equipped with sheet hooks to maintain the squareness of the sheet ends. This design concept would allow the client to quickly, easily, and safely lift sheet bundles, woodworking, shelving & other equipment as requested.



    Carney Fabricating designed a reliable, material transfer solution for our client to meet the operational requirement of their large facility. The manual sheet lifter can be converted to power in the future if the client chooses to upgrade, options of which include 110V/1-Phase, 575V/3-Phase, D.C. battery, hydraulic or pneumatic.

    Having had experience with many different sheet lifters, the trained operational staff were quickly comfortable using the sheet lifter and quickly integrated the product into their daily operations.

    Based on the tremendous experience and expertise of our staff, Carey Fabricating’s team designed a sheet lifter that can easily be maintained and will perform for years ahead.

    10 Ton lifting capacity

    Single operator

    Power Max 575V 3-Phase

    Max Bundle Size

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