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Material handling products are pieces of equipment that help move, store, and control the handling of products within a warehouse. These products can save you time and money since they speed up and improve movement and organization of warehouse items. Here are four useful material handling products that will make your operations easier and more efficient:
Drum Lifters
Due to their round shape, drums can be quite difficult to handle correctly. They also require extra care since they often contain liquids and run the risk of spillage. Drum lifters allow for easy drum handling, holding them upright to avoid spills. Additionally, these lifters are suitable for both open and closed drums. Say goodbye to pesky drum problems!
Lift and Rotate Tables
Ergonomic equipment is very beneficial for employees to prevent exhaustion and reduce injuries. Ergonomic lift and rotating tables are helpful to employees that work in the same space all day. The rotating piece allows for 360º continuous rotation with restricted movement and stops to suit your needs. The lift function allows workers to adjust the table’s height to be more comfortable. This can reduce repetitive injury claims in your warehouse.
Product Transfer Carts
Product transfer carts allow for quick and easy movement of your products. They range from basic carts on wheels to fully automated or radio-controlled rail systems. They simplify and speed up the manufacturing process by moving heavy products with ease. Product transfer carts are ideal for moving materials from one crane bay to another or along an assembly line. The benefits of using these carts include higher productivity, lower movement times, reduced risk of product damage and minimized strain on workers.
Workstation Cranes
Workstation cranes let you build workstation rail systems independent of existing overhead structural steel, making it easier to move items within a small area. They can also be set up in areas where larger or more permanent lifting systems are not feasible. The simple construction allows for quick setup, limiting disruptions. They are free-standing units, and very easy to relocate. With the right systems in place, material handling equipment can greatly benefit you by cutting costs and production times. If you need to increase efficiency in your warehouse, consider investing in some of these material handling products. All products in this article can be found here.