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Five ton capacity stainless steel box with mild steel framing stationary hydraulic dumper.

  • Date: Sept 2020
  • Client: Battery Recycling Corporation
  • Project: Sorting Batteries for Value

The Challenge

A customer contacted Carney Fabricating; struggling to find a machine capable of withstanding the acid that is excreted by larger lead-acid batteries. The company inquiring, recycled large lead-acid batteries. In addition to being able to withstand the corrosive acid that is excreted by the batteries, the customer also needed the machine to handle a capacity of 10,000 lbs.

At the time, the customer was operating with a variety of machinery that was unable to carry the required capacity, rotate the material, and withstand the acid, leaving them with time-consuming inconsistencies in their battery recycling operation.

Above – another Hydraulic Dumper built by Carney Fabricating.

The Design

Ultimately the hydraulic dumper was designed to rotate beyond it’s center of gravity whilst stabilizing a load of five tons. A scale based platform was integrated, so that the bin and contents could be measured prior to dumping.

The platform of this machine measured at forty-eight inches providing ample room for rotation, keeping the platform of the machine minimal to optimize space.  Due to the nature of the customers operation, the machine was created to dump product from five-feet high and outfitted with raw steel to withstand the battery acid.

This hydraulic dumper was fabricated with 575V 3-phase power as the mainline source, an option available primarily available in Canada. Carney Fabricating provides a number of voltage options however, the larger voltage was the best choice for the customer.


In the end, we provided the customer with a solution to ergonomically load batteries in a safe manner. This machine was able to increase their productivity by 75%, decreasing the need for numerous operators. The system also upgraded the customer from an operating capacity of one-ton per load to five-tons per load, ultimately helping them meet their demand quickly and efficiently.

Load capacity was increased per load from 1 ton - 5 tons


The system increased productivity by 75% in the facility

We successfully reduced the number or required operators to one

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