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Structural Cantilever Racking

A 7-level Single Sided Cantilever Racking solution for added safety and efficiency

  • Client: Specialty Manufacturing
  • Project: Heavy-Duty Structural Cantilevered Racking Solution

The Challenge

 A specialty manufacturer required a heavy-duty structural racking solution to safely and efficiently load, store, and unload sheet bundles of steel. The sheet bundles were various sizes, upwards of 1000 lbs per level, and needed to be stored along a single wall. Our customer required a durable and weight-bearing single-sided cantilever rack that could effectively manage the frequent loading and unloading of the material.

Loaded Cantilevered Racking at a customer facility

The Design

      Our technical sales agents visited the client’s site to review the parameters and determine the scope of work. It was evident that the client had limited space within their facility (length, width and height given a mezzanine) to store their required sheet bundles. Our team quickly determined cantilever racking was the ideal solution, as it allows forklifts to load and unload long product bundles more easily and efficiently than pallet racking.
      Given the client maintained a minimum inventory 20 to 25 sheet bundles, our team determined a seven-level cantilever rack would be the appropriate design solution to accommodate up to 28 sheet bundles. The racks were designed for a capacity of 1,000 lbs per level, with a 3:1 Factor of Safety from yield strength, plus an additional 25% impact factor, for a total capacity of 7,000 lbs.
      The final structural racking including 36″ cantilevered arm depth, 120” rack length and a rack height of 9 feet. 
Newly installed Cantilever Racking
Installed cantilever racking
Loaded cantilever racking
Loaded cantilever racking

“Carney’s cantilever racks are perfect. They give us the flexibility to accommodate our various bundle sizes and efficiently load and unload with ease. There’s no doubt about the safety and design of these racks.”

 – Manufacturing Engineer


As a repeat customer, our technical sales agents quickly understood the needs of our customer and designed a solution that exceeded their expectations for safety and durability.

The flexibility of the Carney Fabricating structural cantilevered racking system easily accommodated the various bundle size requirements of our client. Our design followed sound engineering principles, including a minimum 3:1 Factor of Safety from the steels yield point. As an added point, Carney Fabricating’s powder coated finish ensures longevity and durability of the cantilevered racking when compared with others.

The cantilever racking system was installed and commissioned in less than one day, to the complete satisfaction of our client.

36" Cantilevered Arms

7 Levels including Base Support

120" Rack Length with a Rack Height of 9 Feet

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