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June 14th, 2022, marks the ninth anniversary of National Forklift Safety Day. The Industrial Truck Association (ITA) in Washington, D.C., created today to educate customers, government officials and safety organizations about the importance of safety practices, policies, and procedures in the industry. The organization services North America and works with forklift manufacturers across the continent to engineer and influence safe practices. In addition, ITA also collaborates with OSHA directly to provide a library of support materials for training.

This year the association’s conference will feature forklift experts specializing in forklift and pedestrian safety. For those who cannot attend the conference, industry giants are providing resources, training classes and sharing their thoughts in celebration. Here are a few manufacturers providing free services and sponsorship for National Forklift Safety Day. 


Raymond – Offering Virtual Simulations, Classroom Sessions, and training. 

Hyster & Yale – Introducing completely redesigned training videos for their newly updated training page.

Crown – Technology helps a changing workforce maintain its safety focus.

Enersys – Advanced motive power solutions help support National Forklift Safety Day all year.


Forklift safety should be top-of-mind daily; warehouse, operations and supply chain managers should understand the importance of a robust program that includes data analytics, equipment design, connectivity, compliance and training. A complete and adequate safety program should consist of elements that may not traditionally be considered forklift safety. 

Ensuring that employees have the tools to handle forklift batteries properly is essential to meeting equipment management standards, it prevents unnecessary workplace injuries, and provides a dedicated space for fleet storage – all of which work in tandem with comprehensive forklift safety practices. Here are five easy ways to participate in NFSD 2022: 

Check all equipment before each use

At the beginning of each shift, operators should complete the manufacturer-provided checklists for each piece of equipment used that day. This list may include forklifts, battery changers, chargers, attachments, fleet monitoring systems, etc.

Keep PPE up-to-date and readily available

Provide the proper PPE for fleet equipment, including but not limited to protective footwear, high-vis vests, eyeglasses, ear plugs and gloves. It is also imperative to ensure that all built-in safety functions like emergency stops, timers and seatbelts are operating correctly.

Stay Alert

It’s no secret that staying alert is critical when operating any machinery, especially forklifts. Ensure that operators know their surroundings, see the layout of the warehouse and are aware of any danger zones. Enforcing guidelines, policies and procedures in the workplace saves lives. 

Respect Equipment Capabilities

One of the primary causes of forklift accidents is a forklift tipping over due to overloading. Operators should know the capacity of their forklift and any attachments being used. Educate staff, so there is a clear understanding of what their equipment is capable of handling before operation. 

Provide Proper Training

There is no better way to create a robust safety program than with training. Training comes in all types and applies to every business. Organize multiple training sessions annually, provide incentives to keep employees engaged in training or ask manufacturers to provide onsite equipment education and safety checklists. Organizations such as OSHA and CCOHS also offer an extensive library of resources for companies of all sizes. 

As a material handling manufacturer working closely with forklift manufacturers globally, Carney Fabricating can vouch for the importance of including forklift attachments and lifting devices in any safety program; contact us today for training or support.