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Carney Fabricating has been in the material handling business for over 35 years, and we have proudly embraced the mind set of innovation and automation from the very beginning. The idea of automation is to generate repeatable quality and increased throughput by implementing a series of sensors or robots to perform a tedious task.

As we start 2020, our aim is to continue implementing automation in our systems and products, so our customers will see an increase in efficiency and productivity. More often, we are implementing conveyors, robotic cells, plasma or laser tables, loading systems, strapping, wrapping, automated packaging systems and the list goes on. Automation can be implemented into operations is all industries such as Manufacturing, Steel, Aerospace, Automotive, Warehousing, Food, pharmaceutical or alterative custom product facilities. Whatever your industry, automation may increase your productivity and profitability.

A standard operation may be to have a forklift deliver skidded bundles to a production or packaging cell so the operators can perform their designated task. Through simple automation, a conveyor line may be loaded on a night shift or early morning shift with a day’s production run. A return on investment (R.O.I.) could be easily justified depending on your throughput requirements and capabilities. We’ve implemented systems that have tripled production and returned it’s purchase in as little as one month.

High volume automation systems with intricate functions requires careful review and engineering based on sound principles to achieve R.O.I. and functionality. These systems are the backbone of your entire operation. All aspects of an automated system including electrical, mechanical, structural, programming and safety need to be reviewed. Companies that have been in the business will have a database of concepts already implemented they can explain and show you. A good company should also be able to provide details of quality components that go into their system designs.

If you are looking for automated systems we can talk about Omron, Allen Bradly PLC programming, German provided precision machined bearings and housings, powerful compact gearmotors and many other components. We design to “safeguarding of machinery” standards with risk analysis and can provide P.Eng. certified documents. Contact us today to learn more!