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Forklifts are fundamental to countless industrial operations, and it’s not for no reason. However, they do have their limitations. That’s where forklift attachments come in. These attachments extend your forklift fleet’s functionalities to make your facilities more adaptable without needing dedicated equipment for certain products.   In this post we’ll go over a few forklift attachments and their functions.

Forklift Coil Rams

Forklift Coil Rams enable you to lift, manipulate, and transport coiled materials without needing to invest in a dedicated overhead lifting system. These attachments can be either fork-mounted or carriage-mounted depending on your needs, and can suit several different forklift styles. They are also very easy to integrate into your operations since each unit is custom-designed to suit the coils you’ll be handling as well as your facility’s current storage systems.

Forklift Drum Handling

Drum handling applications usually call for specialized equipment due to the challenges posed by their unique shape. However, it is not always ideal to invest in a dedicated overhead lifting system just for one specific product. That’s where drum handling forklift attachments can come in. Not only are these a more cost-effective solution, but they also save space compared to a dedicated lifting system.

Furthermore, the easy mobility of forklifts is also a benefit to using these attachments. While many overhead lifting systems are mobile as well, using forklift attachment makes for easier integration since forklifts were already part of your operations.

Forklift Crane Booms

Forklift Jib Crane Booms turn your forklift into a portable crane that can move bulky materials much more efficiently. These attachments are ideal for long or irregularly shaped material, and have a weight capacity of up to 8,000 pounds. Their design also ensures durability and longevity, from the welded structural steel construction to the powder-coated finish.

Since there is so much variety within lifting applications, these crane booms can are available with a range of custom options. For example, you can choose between telescoping and non-telescoping, as well as between standard-rise, high-rise, and orbital swing designs. This ensures that the crane boom you get will be in no way less ideal than an overhead crane system.

Forklift Spreader Beams

Forklift Spreader Beams can substitute for overhead crane systems or other lifting systems, many of which are track-driven. They are especially useful in workspaces with low headroom. Using these attachments saves space and money, and since they’re simple to attach and detach, you can count on them being an all-around efficient solution. Between the variety of custom options available, and how easy it is to use these in conjunction with other attachments, Forklift Spreader Beams make a valuable addition to your fleet.

If you think that forklift attachments could help your operations, please feel free to contact us to learn more. Our expert team will be more than happy to discuss your options and design the perfect solution for you.