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Due to the vast variety of materials, equipment, and substances within a warehouse, the risk of a warehouse fire is elevated. Warehouse fires and explosions can have severe consequences on both the health of the employees and the building itself. However, with the proper precautions and safety measures, the prevention of fires and explosions can be easily managed. Below are a few ways that you can get your warehouse ready to prevent any potential fire risks.

Firstly, all warehouses have to abide by strict OSHA fire safety rules. That includes following these rules:

Automatic Sprinkler System

An automatic sprinkler system is extremely important as it will immediately calm any fire before it gets out of hand. It will help to put out any small fires or tame larger fires until emergency responders arrive.

No Smoking Signs

Firstly, smoking should never be allowed inside a warehouse as it increases fire risks and affects the health of others in the area. However, while a no-smoking rule is a given, having no smoking signs around a warehouse is a safety requirement.

Proper Material Handling Equipment

Most materials handling systems and equipment have required safety features that prevent them from aiding a fire in the event of an emergency. Ensure your equipment has these features and take steps to add them if they don’t. Additionally, get familiar with these features and how they work.

Proper Care of Hazardous Materials

All hazardous or flammable materials have specific handling and storage instructions to minimize risk. If your warehouse is storing any flammable materials, it is crucial to have these instructions readily available and to have workers well trained on how to use and handle these materials correctly.

50ft Maximum Length on Dead End Aisles

If dead-end aisles are too long, it may pose a risk to warehouse workers who are trying to find emergency exits in the case of a fire. With shorter dead ends, workers can exit the building more quickly during an emergency.

While the fire safety regulations above are the minimum requirements for protecting people and the warehouse, there are steps you can take to go beyond those minimums:

  • Proper fire evacuation plans
  • Mandatory fire training for all employees
  • Correct waste and trash management
  • Direct and open communication with local fire authorities

Each step you take to protect your warehouse and workers will serve you better in the long run, when every fire risk is avoided!



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