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Each warehouse has complex channels that must be managed well to make sure that all operations run smoothly.  Every warehouse should have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) as well as good material handing equipment. Integrating these two systems will benefit your warehouse in terms of inventory and production schedules, as well as conflict resolution. A WMS is system that supports daily operations. It includes inventory tracking systems and stock locations, as well as radio frequency (RF) and voice picking. On the other hand, material handling products include things such as storage systems, conveyor belts, and cranes. These increase efficiency and help workers keep up with demand. Combining these systems can help your business in these areas and more:
Handling and Storage
When you combine non-automated storage systems such as pallets and other storage and handling devices with a WMS, you can consolidate storage processing and integrate it into the WMS.  This creates a more centralized database.
Tracking and Liability
Combining a WMS with material handling equipment will let your workers track and maintain any planned schedule. This improves liability and visibility, making it easier to track products.
Inventory Management
When you combine material handing products with a WMS, you will get more insight into your inventory. This will help you track current orders and find what you need for new ones. WMS programs increase automation, which makes it easier to manage channels. Meanwhile, material handling products improve storage and handling. But combining them as one system is what really takes your warehouse to the next level. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES “Integration Of Warehouse Management And Material Handling Equipment – To-Increase.” To-Increase. N. p., 2012. Web. 11 July 2017.