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Having the right material handling equipment can not only improve your warehouse efficiency, but will keep both your products and employees safe. When purchasing material handing products, it is most important to consider the types of products your operations need. Not every product will be suited for your company, which is why thoroughly knowing the details of your processes is crucial. Below are some important questions to ask yourself before purchasing material handling equipment.
Is it user-friendly?
Machines that are over-complicated can often confuse the warehouse staff, wasting time rather than saving it. Sometimes simplicity is best and knowing just how complex you need your machines to be for your specific business can tell you just how user-friendly the machine is. Take time to understand the machine before purchasing to see if it truly is user-friendly.
What is the warranty on it?
Purchasing new material handling products can be a huge investment for a business. Therefore, you want to ensure that your investment is protected with an extended warranty rather than a short-term one. Always talk about the warranty policy before purchase and decide if it is right for you.
Will it benefit the business?
While many material handling products may seem like they will make a difference in your warehouse, not every product will result in a large return on investment. It is important for you to understand which products will benefit the company in the long run and prioritize your purchases from there.
What are the short-term and long-term costs?
If you are purchasing material handling equipment, you most likely understand the upfront costs, however it is very important to consider the long-term costs associated with the machine. This could include the costs of running it, cost of maintenance, and cost of repairs. Whatever it may be, ensure that you have accounted for it in your budget before purchasing.
Is it good quality?
At the end of the day, you want the quality of the expensive machine you’re buying to be favorable. While every machine requires regular maintenance, you don’t want a machine that breaks down too often. Before purchasing, do you research and make sure your desired machine will be able to withstand your operations. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES McDaniel, Matt. “8 Questions To Ask When Selecting The Right Material Handling Equipment“. Info.osequip.com. N. p., 2017. Web. 30 June 2017.