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Businesses today are doing all they can to remain environmentally sustainable as the growing concern for environmental well-being continues. Remaining socially and environmentally responsible is an essential duty for a business. With the tips below, you can ensure that your warehouse operations continue to be sustainable.

Stick to the schedule

Having a schedule for all machinery and equipment is essential to have in your warehouse. Sticking to this schedule is the best way to ensure that you are running operations as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It is also important to take note of your moving equipment such as forklifts that can easily put on mileage. Make a schedule of machine movements to ensure that there are no frivolous journeys, and make sure drivers know to turn off the machines during loading or unloading to avoid idling.

Dispose of waste properly

Due to the vast variety of materials and chemicals present in a warehouse, it is important that you not only correctly handle them, but dispose of them too. Many warehouse operations product toxic waste that should not be disposed of with regular waste. To minimize the harsh effects these toxins have on the environment, take advantage of recycling banks that can sort your waste, and systems that can collect such waste from your daily operations.

Energy efficient lighting

Large warehouses can eat up a ton of energy simply from the lighting it requires. However, there are many efficient ways to light your warehouse, such as natural light or energy efficient light bulbs. A simple and effective way to save on lighting is to replace the old light bulbs in your warehouse with LED bulbs. These lights last much longer and use less energy than older light bulbs. Additionally, it would be beneficial to maximize the amount of natural light in your warehouse. If possible, you may want to consider installing skylights into your warehouse. While costly upfront, it will allow you to greatly save lighting costs during the day in the long run.

Reduce paper usage

These days, almost everything is done online, including selling, so why not switch some of your warehouse operations off the paper and to computers? Implement paperless inventory tracking systems as well as order systems. To go further move your machine maintenance schedules online, where it not only saves paper but also creates a more organized warehouse. As you slowly move data from paper to computer, you will create an integrated system of warehouse information, increasing efficiency in your company and helping the environment outside of it.

Efficient heating and cooling

For the winter months, it is important to properly insulate your warehouse, since it’s not just the door that can lose heat. If your entire building is not properly insulated, you could lose a great deal of money on heating. Similarly, in the summer, a large industrial-sized fan can help, as it will circulate air throughout the warehouse. You may also want to consider ‘Cool Roofs’, in which reflective paint prevents sun rays from being absorbed, keeping your warehouse cool all around.



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