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For large companies, warehouses can be essential for day to day operations. Each warehouse contains thousands of products, big and small, and requires constant movement of products from place to place. Due to the comprehensive logistics that a warehouse requires, material handling could not be more significant. Here are some reasons why you should implement correct material handling processes in your warehouse if you don’t already.
1. Helps Prevent Accidents
“When you have the right equipment and machines in place, the risk for workers is greatly reduced. Handling materials in a warehouse accounts for about 21% of permanent disabilities and over 25% of temporary disabilities.”
Having the correct equipment to lift, move, and store the materials in your warehouse will help reduce employee stress and effort, minimizing the injuries that take place in your warehouse.
2. Improves Efficiency
Using the right material handling tools and devices can help you organize your products and materials so that there are fewer misplaced items in your warehouse. As a result, it will take less time to retrieve products from your warehouse. This saves you time and money, which in turn increases efficiency.
3. Reduces Product Damages
The improper movement and storage can result in damage to your products, which adds greatly to your production costs. It has been shown that proper handling methods help reduce damage to your materials and parts, which is good for your company.
4. Improves Plant Layouts
When you invest in the proper storage for your warehouse, you ensure that space is maximized and slip and trip hazards are well managed. Using the correct storage and transportation systems will create a more open warehouse for your workers.
5. Improves Customer Service
Correctly handling the materials in your warehouse can make it a more organized space overall. As a result, it will be much easier to find items, which will then cut down service time. This saves you money, and increases customer satisfaction by delivering products in a timely manner. _________________________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES (2007). Importance and scope of material handling. Citeman.com. Retrieved 14 June 2017. Ullatt. (2015). Importance of proper material handling, maintenance of records, sampling. Slideshare.net. Retrieved 14 June 2017.