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Automated Conveyor System

The development and implementation of an automated conveyor system to successfully free up forklift operators for other critical operations

  • Date: Feb 2018
  • Client: Tier-1 Automotive Supplier
  • Project: Automated Conveyor System for Fuel Pump Machining

The Challenge

After a customer was struggling to keep up supply for a fuel pump machining operation, they turned to Carney Fabricating to develop and implement an automated conveyor system. The company needed a solution that would essentially free up their forklifts for other critical operations, as operators were often waiting for forklifts which was severely affecting the productivity in the facility. The system needed to maintain staging and loading for an entire shift, essentially reducing the requirement for forklift operators in their day shift.

The Design

Given that the existing fuel pump machining operation and operator were already positioned in a fixed location within the facility, our team was tasked to design an automated system customized for that specific area. This subsequently led to the addition of a pop-up chain conveyor to move the material along a 90-degree turn.

The new streamlined process enabled a forklift operator to load the conveyor system during the evening shift, allowing the line to run without interruption throughout the full production day shift.

A forklift loaded a bin onto the conveyor and using the photo eye sensors to detect a bin, the conveyor staged forward if the area in front was empty, right up to the operator’s rotating table zone.

The new automated process was now able to hold 10 bins with the product for machining, instead of one at a time prior to the automated conveyor system.


After installing Carney Fabricating’s custom-designed automated conveyor system, our client successfully reduced x2 day shift forklift operators and was able to increase productivity by 22%. They recognized the improved safety functionality, reduction in operator strain, and overall efficiency with their new conveyor system.

The system was now able to hold 10 bins with product for machining, instead of one at a time prior to the automated conveyor system


The system increased productivity by 22% in the facility

We successfully reduced x2 day shift forklift operators

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