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For our cars, homes, and even our bodies, taking preventive maintenance measures can create great long-term benefits that makes the investment worth it. Similarly planning a preventive maintenance schedule for your material handling equipment can benefit your warehouse in many ways. It is very important to make sure that a preventive maintenance plan is in place, rather than waiting for a problem to arise before servicing. These are some of the benefits of planning maintenance for your materials handling equipment:

 Lowers Overall Maintenance Costs

Studies prove that preventive and proactive maintenance actually saves costs in the long run. Rather than pushing equipment issues aside as they develop into large problems, that end up costing much more money to service, planning regular maintenance will serve the both the company and equipment well.

Maintains Equipment Life

Equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained will last much longer than those that are only repaired when broken. This will lengthen your company’s equipment turnover time, cutting costs in the long run.

Improves Safety

By servicing your equipment regularly, you ensure that each machine runs correctly. Equipment failures can cause severe injury to both the equipment operator and to employees in the area. The best way to avoid equipment failure is to check your machines well and often.

Improves Productivity

A machine that breaks down can have significant negative impact on the productivity of your warehouse, especially if that machine is essential for your daily warehouse activities. To ensure consistent productivity, keep your machines in check at all times.

Retains Equipment Value

When the time comes to trade in your equipment, a well maintained, well running system will be worth more than those that are only serviced when needed. This will allow you to trade in the system at a much higher price, providing extra cash for your business.



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